Be part of Indonesia's bigest health technology company, expand your horizon, and create opportunity to hone your skill.

Join us to be a part of
our journey to
simplify healthcare in Indonesia

Who We Are?

We are a secure healthcare platform that unites patients, doctors, insurance, pharmacy, into one simple mobile application

Why Join Halodoc?

  • Technology

    We build modern, revolutionary and mobile first technology
  • Talent

    Halodoc encourages Talent to work efficiently, productively, and able to work on challenges
  • Social Mission

    Simplifying access to healthcare for Indonesian
  • Do things that you love and passionate about,  and grow yourself while creating a future for healthcare.


    As the most outsanding digital healthcare platform in Indonesia, we know our achievement comes with hardwork. As a team, we build a better working environment with
    that will shape us becoming more
    . We believe that our achievement is accomplished because of our
    talents. Everyone in Halodoc is also a good
    Team Player
    , so it will help you to evolve. It is also important as you grow
    that will help us in simplifying healthcare in Indonesia.
    Work in a cooperative and nice ambience environment, with an open space, and strategic office location to make you comfortable working with us.


    Halodoc provides you a cooperative and nice ambience environment, an open space, flexible working hour, and strategic office location