Job Details

Customer Service Pharmacist - Staff

Customer Service

Job description: 

  • Processing paper prescription order from Leads
  • Check paper prescription uploaded by the customer, make sure prescription is valid and is not expired
  • Check if the customer is covered by insurance (cashless)
  • Read the prescription uploaded and translate it in Control Center
  • Check the price of the medicine ordered by the customer
  • Check availability of the medicine
  • Create e-Rx for the customer who is covered by insurance (cashless)
  • Call customer to confirm medicine price (if the customer is not covered by insurance) and delivery SLA
  • Process order



  • Applicants must possess Apothecary Profession certificate and a work permit as a pharmacist / STRA
  • Having experience as a pharmacist is an advantage
  • Understanding of applicable computer systems, such as Microsoft Office
  • Good in communication skill, no Rhotacism, Sigmatism or Lambdacism (cadel R, S dan L)
  • Good ability to read handwriting prescription, abbreviations and acronym


Jakarta, Indonesia