Job Details

DevOps III


Job Description:

  •  At least 6 years of industry experience working on DevOps.

>> Looking for someone who is already in senior position at current company.

  • Ability to work in a startup environment with high levels of ownership & commitment

>> Culture fit. Understanding of fast paced environment, quick turn around time. Get things done without waiting to be told what needs to be done.

  •  Experience working with AWS eco-system (EC2, ELBs, S3, OpsWorks, Route53 etc.) at least 4-5 years of hands-on exp.

>> Strong knowledge of AWS eco-system, minimum 4 years of experience. Looking for deeper understanding not use basic usage.

  • Good knowledge on automation tools (Chef, Puppet, Salt etc.) and proponent of automation first approach

>> At least 2 years of experience in one of the tools - Chef, Puppet, Salt stack.

  • Experience with automated deployments, monitoring & alerting for services.

>> Good understanding of automated deployments (if docker using docker swarm, kubernetes, Marathon - DC/OS)

  • Experience dealing with production issues/outages & mitigation of the same.

>> This is essential because outage handling is done only after candidate has been on that scenario previously.

  • Experience with working on low latency & high throughput systems at scale.
  •  Should have good knowledge of deployments on Java stack (understand JVM tuning, GC tuning, VM sizing etc.)

>> Deep understanding of Java Stack, able to resolve and debug production issues.

  • Experience in deployment & maintenance of Core infra viz. NoSQL data stores (Cassandra, HBase, Couchbase etc.), Caching layer (Aerospike, Redis/Elasticache), Queueing Infra (Kafka, RMQ etc.)
Bangalore, India